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Creative Ballet A & B

The Creative Ballet program is designed for our 3-6 year old dancers.  It is grounded in creating a nurturing and creative atmosphere to allow young dancers to explore their artistic abilities.  The focus of the program is imagination and the development of both gross and fine motor skills.

These classes have options for both weekday and weekend classes.

Junior Ballet

Our Junior Ballet program is designed for our 7–11-year-old dancers. These classes provide a broad practical dance education, developing the technical, musical and performance skills of students.  Classes focus on Classical ballet, free movement, and traditional character styles of dance.

These classes have options for both weekday and weekend classes.

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Competition Program

Our competitive program is open to dancers ages 13 and up who are interested in an additional opportunity for ballet performance. The RBS competitive program places emphasis on camaraderie, self-confidence, and performance skills, allowing dancers to grow in a safe environment.


Royal Academy of Dance - Performance & Exam Program

This pre-professional program is offered at the Grade 5 - Advanced Levels in the RAD Programs.  Students study a more intense program of dance, taking 2-6 classes per week.  These classes include training in Classical Ballet, Free Movement, Character dance, Pointe and conditioning.  This program is designed for those students wishing to pursue a more in-depth study of classical ballet and other dance styles.


Recreational Ballet

Our Recreational program is designed for dancers 11 years old and up. These classes provide a broad practical dance education, developing the technical, musical and performance skills of students. No previous dance experience is necessary.


Jazz classes are typically fast paced. Class begins with a solid warm-up, followed by some work in the center, some stretching and finishing with work across the floor. They are often performed to popular, upbeat music, and can also include musical theatre numbers, and everything in between. This energetic style of dance is full of interesting isolations, big jumps, long leaps, and quick turns.



Our technique program is designed to enhance our ballet programs, focusing on strength training, ballet technique and pointe work. This class can be taken in addition to any ballet class in the schedule.

*Equipment is necessary for the Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) portion of the technique class. Details will be emailed prior to the first session and you will have the choice to purchase on your own or by bulk with us. **Pointe shoes will be fitted by the teachers and only after students have been properly evaluated and approved for safe progression to pointe work. 

Adult Classes 

Fitness Fusion


Enhance your flexibility, increase core strength and develop overall muscle tone with our adult Fitness Fusion class. This low impact, mat-based fitness class is a fusion of Pilates, yoga, barre and conditioning that can be modified for any level, beginner to advanced. Themed classes change regularly and allow for regular or intermittent attendance, depending on what best suits your schedule and fitness goals. On its own, or as a complement to other fitness regimes, Fitness Fusion is a superb way to strengthen, lengthen and tone legs, arms, abs and butt. Join us for fun and functional movement that benefits everyday life activities.

Yoga Ballet Barre


This class is designed for all levels, beginner and up, and will focus on core strength, flexibility and balance.  A great workout and wonderful way to de-stress in the middle of the week. This unique 1-hour combination class has a little bit of everything for those looking to slow down the breath, increase movement, and challenge stamina. You will get a taste of some Yoga to help increase the oxygen flow & balance, some Ballet to improve posture and strength, and some Barre to enhance stamina & overall fitness! 

Adult Ballet 


This class will accommodate all levels of dance skill. From total beginners to those coming back to dance after years of childhood classes, we welcome you to the studio! Come try something new or re-awaken your love of dance! We have had dancers from 20 - 75 years old, and we tailor the class to you! Move your body to beautiful music. Breathe, stretch, and strengthen while improving posture, balance, and mobility. This is a combination class of floor, barre, and centre work, with the “flexibility” to vary exercises according to the students’ individual ability and personal goals.   

Baby & Me Ballet


For newborns to 18 months old and their adult dance partners! A fun music and movement class that will strengthen the bonds between baby & you, help develop a sense of rhythm and different kinds of movement, while providing opportunities for the child to experience socialization with other adults and babies! It's also a gentle way for new parents or grandparents to get moving and stay active to keep up with their rapidly growing babies!  


From beginners in Level 1 to slightly more advanced in Level 2, we will take you from the basics and help you progress along at your pace. Steps are built upon one at a time, and you will enjoy choreography and music from some of the most popular pieces of musical theatre. This fun and energetic class will get your legs and feet moving, your brain stimulated, and your face smiling! Come for the dance, stay for the fun! 

Come Move With Us! 

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