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Creative Ballet A & B

The Creative Ballet program is designed for our 3-6 year old dancers.  It is grounded in creating a nurturing and creative atmosphere to allow young dancers to explore their artistic abilities.  The focus of the program is imagination and the development of both gross and fine motor skills.

These classes have options for both weekday and weekend classes.

Recreational Ballet

Our Recreational Program is open to all dancers ages 7 and up.  Rothesay Ballet School follows the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and offers ballet from the Grade 1 to Grade 8 levels. These classes provide a broad practical dance education, developing the technical, musical and performance skills of students.  Classes focus on Classical ballet, free movement and traditional character styles of dance. All students at this level perform in our end of year Recital at Imperial Theatre. Dancers enrolled in the Recreational Program perform in two shows each year, one in December and a second show in Spring at the Imperial Theatre.


Competition Program

Our competitive program is open to dancers in school Grades 5-12 who are interested in an additional opportunity for ballet performance. The RBS competitive program places emphasis on camaraderie, self-confidence, and performance skills, allowing dancers to grow in a safe environment. We compete at three local competitions each year: one in the Fall for dancers with solos, duos, or trios, and two in the Spring for the entire competitive program. To enroll in the Competitive program, dancers must be in 2 Ballet classes per week and a Progressive Ballet Training Class.

Royal Academy of Dance - Performance Program

This pre-professional program is offered at the Grade 1-Advanced Levels in the RAD Programs.  Students study a more intense program of dance, taking 2-6 classes per week.  These classes include training in Classical Ballet, Free Movement, Character dance, Pointe and body conditioning.  This program is designed for those students wishing to pursue a more in-depth study of classical ballet and other dance styles. Students enrolled in the performance program are eligible to audition for Gala Ballet's presentation of The Nutcracker each December, and will be involved in performances in both December and May. Students in this program may also be selected to participate in the Royal Academy of Dance Exams in the Spring.



Contemporary dance is based in ballet and has its roots in modern technique. Its aesthetics are influenced by modern dance icons such as Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham and Lester Horton to name a few.  The form also borrows from other genres, such as African dance, jazz, hip hop and martial arts. Some of the cross features are the use of parallel legs, contraction and release, spiral and tilting of the spine, embracing gravity and floor work, and grounding. Contemporary dance encourages the use of expression to enhance performance skills. Classes also offer opportunities for students to develop creation and choreography skills. Ranging from pre-contemporary, where the emphasis is on play that encourages body awareness and control, to Advanced classes that prepare students for their post-secondary dance education, contemporary is the perfect complement to a student's ballet training. 


Jazz classes are typically fast paced. Class begins with a solid warm-up, followed by some work in the center, some stretching and finishing with work across the floor. They are often performed to popular, up beat music, and can also include musical theatre numbers, and everything in between. This energetic style of dance is full of interesting isolations, big jumps, long leaps, and quick turns.

It is an ideal dance form for all ages and programs at Rothesay Ballet School start at age 6-adult.




Tap dance was developed in the United States during the nineteenth century, and is popular today in many parts of the world. Tap dance is a way for students to explore rhythms and become percussive musicians. In this class students will study the tap technique which includes: barre work, centre floor and across the floor combinations. Students will also be taught proper tap warm-ups and work on tap improvisation. Anyone who loves rhythms will love to tap dance!


Irish Tap

Irish tap dance draws inspiration from Irish step dance which can be seen in such shows as Riverdance and Lord of the Dance.  This type of dance requires a stiff upper body with quick and precise foot work.  Students in Irish Tap must be enrolled in regular tap classes

Adult Classes - Fitness Fusion, Tap and Ballet

Fitness Fusion - Enhance your flexibility, increase core strength and develop overall muscle tone with our adult Fitness Fusion class. This low impact, mat-based fitness class is a fusion of Pilates, yoga, barre and conditioning that can be modified for any level, beginner to advanced. Themed classes change regularly and allow for regular or intermittent attendance, depending on what best suits your schedule and fitness goals. On its own, or as a complement to other fitness regimes, Fitness Fusion is a superb way to strengthen, lengthen and tone legs, arms, abs and butt. Join us for fun and functional movement that benefits everyday life activities.

Tap -This class is designed to get you moving and shaking, all while working up a sweat. Designed for all levels, come and join us for some toe tapping fun! 

Ballet 1 - This class is designed for beginner adult levels and will focus on core strength, flexibility and balance.  A great work out and wonderful way to de-stress in the middle of the week. 

Ballet 2 - This class is designed for adults who have had a background in dance. Come and brush off your ballet shoes and brush up your technique.  This class will accomodate an intermediate and high level of dance skill.

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